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Ikonboard is a comprehensive web bulletin board system. It transcends the limits imposed by other bulletin board software, allowing you to create a truly unique community on your website.

From it’s extensive template and skins features to it’s complete multi-lingual support, your members will keep coming back for more.

Key Features

  • Allow your members to choose a language for the board interface.
  • Create, Export and Import unique templates and skins straight from the administration control panel.
  • Create, Export and Import language packs, allowing your members to choose their native language for the board interface.
  • Assign a different template to each forum, or allow your members to choose their favorite skin.
  • Complete control over the mime types that can be uploaded when creating a new post or reply.
  • Restrict reading, writing and replying attributes for each forum.
  • SSI enabled board templates, enabling complete and full integration with other scripts on your website.
  • Edit the templates and skins HTML from the administration control panel – no coding knowledge needed.
  • Edit the cascading style sheet attributes from the administration control panel.
  • Edit the graphics properties from the administration control panel, allowing full control over the border, width, height and alt attributes without knowing any HTML.
  • Built in news manager, add news topics from your board into any page on your website.
  • Exportable board statistics, show your online members, total post and member count into any page on your website.
  • Built in file management to handle permission changes, file deletion, file renaming and file uploading.
  • Extensive co-branding features such as multiple templates, and forum specific skins and templates.

Full Moderation Features

  • Assign moderators to forums.
  • Allow your members to moderate their own topics.
  • Mass Prune topics.
  • Move topics, with three different options.
  • Delete topics and posts.
  • Open and close topics.
  • Create forum announcements.
  • “Pin” topics for maximum attention

Member Features

  • Encrypted Passwords for greater security
  • Full unrestricted use of the board without cookies
  • Comprehensive User Control Panel
  • Choosable Skins to alter the look and the feel of the board
  • Choosable interface language
  • Preset, Flash and personal avatars
  • Ability to block avatars, signatures and board images (good for slow connections)
  • Personal Messenger complete with address books

 Full Forum Control

  • Create an unlimited amount of forums
  • Re-order edit and delete forums at any time
  • Set read, reply and write permissions for each forum
  • Protect forums with passwords
  • Turn forums off to create ‘archive’ (read only) forums

 Full Category Control

  • Create an unlimited amount of categories
  • Re-order edit and delete categories at any time
  • Nest and unnest categories
  • Set read, reply and write permissions for each category

 Full Member Group Control

  • Assign members to any group at any time
  • Restrict permissions for an entire group at a time
  • Allow access to the moderation features (Super Moderator)
  • Allow access to the Administration Control Panel (Administrator)

 Full Administrative Control

  • Restrict areas of the adminstration CP to certain groups
  • Full administration logging
  • Edit languages, skins and email templates from the CP
  • Complex member management

 General Board Features

  • Printable versions of topics
  • Member override of default sorting order and limits
  • Track topics via email or in the userCP
  • Post buttons to make posting iB Code easier
  • Full, searchable help system
  • Member lists
  • Viewable profiles
  • Email addresses hidden – to protect from ‘spam bots’
  • Polls
  • Guest posting
  • … and much more!

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